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by Zhao Chaoyi

This summer, there is a place where you can visit historical sites and enjoy a cool breeze at the same time. The Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Reserve, which is located in Huairou District ofc City, has the grandeur of the Great Wall as well as the stillness of Haoming Lake.

This part of the Great Wall was the North Gate of ancient Beijing in the Ming Dynasty. Being divided by the lake, it became the only "Great Wall in Water" in Beijing.

It is a popular spot with tourists all around the world and has been chosen as a camping spot by many schools. Staff from a foreign school in Beijing said the well-protected environment and pro found history of the Lakeside Great Wall Reserve help teach children about traditional Chinese culture through exploration of nature. A survey of visitors has shown that 80 percent were attracted by the natural beauty, and 90 percent would visit again or introduce this place to their relatives and friends.

The Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall has been developed into a National 3A Scenery Site. Many travel agencies must offer transportation to Huanghuacheng several times a week Its unique, highly-recommended scenery, which combines the elegance of southern China and the magnificence of Northern China, has attracted thousands of visitors. in order to satisfy eager visitors.



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