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There are a lot of symbols and colors that are associated with the varied aspects of life, of love and most importantly, happiness. Chinese people especially believe in these symbolisms. They believe that your life can be pushed to move in the direction that you want, if you have a whole lot of these symbols and colors everywhere around you.

The search for happiness is universal. All people, irrespective of their age, culture and race yearn for the common goal of happiness. This hold true for the Chinese people as well. The Chinese people never miss any occasion or event to bestow on other people a chosen symbol to bring them happiness. Be it a wedding, a birthday or even New Year or any other event, Chinese people like to gift something that can bring happiness in the life of the person receiving it.

The red envelope is a popular Chinese symbol for happiness. It has been a long-standing belief that red envelopes bring happiness, good luck and prosperity. In fact the color red stands for all these, in itself. So the person gifting these wishes the person receiving it to be bestowed with all these things.

Red Envelopes For Prosperity

Red envelopes are seen also as a symbol for prosperity in your house. But don't be disappointed if no one has gifted you these red envelopes yet. You can still use them. Just put two coins inside the red envelope and put them in the doorframe in your home.

If you want to wish someone prosperity, you too can take this red envelope and gift it to them. While wishing for their prosperity, you also include your wishes for their happiness.

Red Envelopes And Teachings

Red envelopes play an important part in the master- disciple relationship in Feng shui. For every teaching a master bestows on his student, the student has to give a red envelope to the master. Although nothing is put in these envelopes when are given, yet according to traditional beliefs, small gold coins, gold bars or other valuable gifts should be put into it before giving them to the master.

Most traditional masters follow this practice till date. There are many theories as to why these red envelopes are gifted by the students to the masters. Some think that these red envelopes are tokens of gratitude for the master since he has taught such useful teachings to the students. Feng Shui is an art that requires a lot of time and practice to be able to understand and practice it, so this thank-you gift is only a gesture by those students who have received some of the essence of this art.

The other theory is a little negative in nature. Some believe that the knowledge and information that the masters give will ultimately bring them bad luck. This however depends on the way the students use this art. So these red envelopes block out the negative forces and protect the master from its effects.

Red Envelopes And Happiness

Red in itself is a symbol of happiness in the Chinese culture. So envelopes made in red help you share this happiness with other people.

You may see many red envelopes floating around these days, especially on occasions such as Christmas or New Year. You might not have garnered their significance till now. But we are sure after reading this information, the next time you get a red envelope, you will take them seriously as symbols bringing happiness and prosperity to your home.

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