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To boost development of construction and management with standards, to build up a new framework for driving tour service, to create a safe and reassuring driving tour circumstance, the construction and service standards (hereinafter referred to as Standards) of Motorists Travel Bases Construction and Service Specifications started to be drafted after the approval of the China Association for Standardization (CAS).

This was announced at the news press conference held at the State Council Information Center by the China Automobile High-tech Industrialization Commission (CAHC) which just drafted the standards with the China Tourist Attractions Association, and the China Tourism Automobile & Cruiser Association. The standards refers to the self-sustaining operations which has the lawful operations qualifications, the ability to operate driving tour activities, the effective factions and sight seeing service facilities (including scenic spots, functional sight seeing areas, theme parks, Museums, resorts and camping grounds ). The content concerns 11 areas including facilities' set up rules and conditions, base and the roads safe standards, the reception and service standards, motor home camping grounds and safety management.

Mr. Yanglin, the Deputy Secretary-General of CAHC and El Monte RV China GM said, that El Monte RV is one of the drafters offers Motor home and RV rentals service to 60 million clients globally, hopefully we can do something to help in construction, design, and operations of Motorists Travel Bases and motor home camping grounds in China.

Some personage in the industry thinks that to set the standards of the construction and services of motorists' travel bases will make the construction and services enforced strictly, offer greater safety to driving tourists, and create a favorable equal competition environment of the driving tour market. It is reported that the project of " OTHTTT" has been activated in the same time to motivate the development of the automobile self-driving travel industry in China.

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