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When I was accepted for a teaching job in China I was really ecstatic. I armed myself with a lot of lesson plans and teaching methods on how to deal with my soon to be students and I felt confident that I would be a great teacher to them. Then reality set in once I was in my school. Everything, okay not everything was totally new to me. One thing I’ve discovered is that if you’re a foreigner you’re pretty much a celebrity around the place and you’ll be called a “wai jiao” or “lao wai” which means foreigner in Chinese. Everybody is so helpful and kind with their limited English and much worst they just speak to you in Chinese like you understand what they are saying. You’re always invited for lunch and dinners and they would never let you pay!
As for teaching it’s pretty different. One thing I’ve learned is that you have to adjust to the learning ability of your students studying English. Every now and then you have to think of ways to make your class entertaining or fun because most of them always feel restless from the long hours of studying. So if you just go there and talk about English and they don’t understand you they’ll just go to sleep or busy themselves reading magazines and listening to MP3’s.  One thing I can say is to have patience, patience, and more patience when teaching them.
I have my up’s and down’s in teaching but then you get by and you slowly settle with the teaching environment. It’s a continuous learning experience. 

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