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Who we are:

EngTop is a teacher placement agency with plenty of positions waiting for you and free of change to teacher. EngTop is a professional website in China providing HR service. Throughout our website we help you make the most of your life by connecting you to the real world of opportunities.
We are an honest and friendly company and have extensive knowledge of ESL job market, as well as a large network of safe and reliable schools to work with, and we will provide you with any legal assistance that you may need while in China.

For Employers:

EngTop ( is a professional HR service provider. With proper HR certificate, and licenses. EngTop gives you a full-service online recruitment can provide all-in-one HR services to all kinds of schools. Through EngTop recruiters are able to post their job openings and vacancies to solicit resumes, search for their ideal candidates through foreign countries' largest resume databases, and promote their school name and brand image throughout the most visited recruitment website.

For Job seekers:

EngTop ( is a certified Job Opportunity Provider, which you can quickly and easily find high-paying, exciting and interesting job openings.  Through EngTop , job seekers are able to post their resume and hunt for jobs, seek out for their ideal schools through job database, and apply for jobs online through the most visited recruitment website.

Our website :

We deliver a complete set of services, consulting, publicizing and recommending your resume,assistance in signing the contract,and follow-up services. We will continuously improve service conditions and raise service qualities. It is your support that we believe we will do better!We are always here if you need us!

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