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Classroom Resources ->Reading->Jokes
·Doctors meeting
·Did You Ever Wonder?
·Save the dead rabbit
·Now he's in trouble
·Police Emergency
·Purchasing mailing lists
·Placing your order
·Careful when you wish
·911 Call
·What is this?
·Dancing Kleenex
·A bribe for your professor
·Do you know who I am?
·Knock at the Door
·God Will Save Me
·Idiots on the computer
·Low self-esteem
·Trouble sleeping
·Want a day off work?
·Dollars equal cents
·Try to explain women
·Dealing with a lawyer
·How do I get the gum out?
·What's your name?
·She Wins
·Comebacks to Pick Up Lines
·College Finals
·11 O'Clock News
·Ever Wonder
·A Special Hymn
·Invisible Couple
·Hillary in Heaven
·Who To Marry
·Bad Breath
·Mark 17
·Tootsie Pop
·Waiting Room
·Remarks at Your Funeral

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