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Famous Texts In English
·A Special Breakfast
·The Heart Knows Best
·Write Your Own Life
·Never Too Late
·Taking a Stand
·When Did She Really Grow Up
·Watch the world go by
·My Very First Love
·A Story of Hope
·If You Love Her Enough
·Care for Your Dream
·You’ll Never Regret it
·Mom’s Smile
·What Do You See?
·Spring Thaw
·Final Goodbye
·View in the Heart
·A Simple Plan
·A Clever Dog
·Never sell your soul
·A Letter to My Son
·Celebration of Life
·A Mother First
·The Art of Forgiveness
·Plant Anything
·A Little Piece of Me
·How could you?
·Salty Coffee
·How to be a Friend of Yourself
·A Tale of Two Fathers
·Just for Today
·Learning of Value
·My Passion, My Life
·Treat people with Kindness
·An October Sunrise
·When is a Man Old?
·An Empty Box
·Never Alone
·Early Autumn
·Happiness Equates with Fun?
·One Finger
·Every Day is a Lucky Day
·Life is about Choices
·The Doll and the White Rose
·How to Find Time for Yourself
·Dont Allow Your Weaknesses to Limit You
·Feather in the wind
·You Did Good
·Today I begin a New Life

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