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Classroom Resources ->Pronunciation / Speaking->Intermediate
·Tongue Twisters
·Telephoning English - Introduction
·First Name, Last Name or Title?
·Offering Help
·Advanced Dialogue: Congratulations!
·Saying 'No' Nicely
·Making Suggestions
·How To Improve Your Pronunciation
·Making Complaints
·Making an Appointment
·English for Medical Purposes - Patient Details
·English for Medical Purposes - Joint Pain
·Intermediate Level Dialogues - At the Doctor's
·Intermediate Level Dialogues - Getting Fit
·ESL Tic-Tac-Toe - Conditional Forms
·Intermediate Level Dialogues - On the Telephone
·Descriptive Vocabulary for Cinema, Movies, and Stars
·Minimal Pair Pronunciation Lesson
·Shoplifting - Always Wrong or Sometimes Right?
·English: Stress - Timed Language II
·English: Stress - Timed Language I
·Lesson: Guilty!

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