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Classroom Resources ->Pronunciation / Speaking->Beginner
·Word Pronunciation - Hard and Soft C and G Sounds
·Speaking to Strangers - Social Language
·Greetings - Social Language
·Travel Greetings - Social Language
·Starting a Conversation - Top Ten Questions
·Introductions - Social Language
·Silent letters
·English Pronunciation Exercises - Short Vowels and Consonants
·Special Days - Social Language
·Beginner Dialogues - Asking for Directions
·Shopping for a Sweater
·Beginner Dialogues - At the Airport
·Beginner Dialogues - In a Shop
·Dialogue: What's in Your Office?
·Beginner Dialogues - Introducing Yourself
·Dialogue: The City and the Country
·Beginner Dialogues - Telling the Time
·Number Pronunciation and Spelling
·Beginner Dialogues - Giving and Requesting Personal Information
·ABCs pronunciation guide
·Expressing Sympathy
·Apologizing in English
·Asking People to Repeat
·Getting People's Attention
·Going to Bed / Getting Up

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