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Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions
·At odds
·At loose ends
·Act of God
·Across the board
·Above board
·A watched pot never boils
·A pretty penny
·A penny for your thoughts
·A month of Sundays
·A long row to hoe
·A little bird told me
·A lick and a promise
·A bridge too far
·A bit much
·A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand
·A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted
·A Drop in the Bucket
·A Doubting Thomas
·A Dime A Dozen:
·A Chip On Your Shoulder:
·A Blessing In Disguise:
·A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
·Bear the brunt
·Bit part
·Bean counter
·Bear market
·Bear fruit
·Beat about the bush
·Beer and skittles
·Beat the rap
·Behind someone's back
·Behind the times
·Backseat driver
·Be that as it may
·Be all ears
·Batten down the hatches
·Bated breath
·Basket case
·Barking up the wrong tree
·Balls to the walls
·Ballpark figure
·Bald as a coot
·Bag of bones
·Bad mouth
·Bad hair day
·Bad egg
·Before the ink is dry
·Back number
·Bear the brunt
·Bite the bullet
·Bite the dust
·Bite your tongue
·Black and blue
·Bad blood
·Blank cheque
·Bad Apple
·Back the wrong horse
·Back to back
·Back to square one
·Back to the drawing board
·Back to the wall
·Birds of a feather flock together
·Black and white
·Bend over backwards
·Beyond the pale
·Between you and me and the cat's whiskers
·Bob's your uncle
·By the by
·Better late than never
·Blow hot and cold
·Busy as a bee
·Beside the point
·By and large
·Bend someone's ear
·Big Apple
·Blue blood
·Better safe than sorry
·By the numbers
·By the same token
·By word of mouth
·Burning question
·Blow the whistle
·Broken reed
·Blow your mind
·Bring the house down
·Blow off steam
·Blow me down
·Blow by blow
·Big cheese
·Bring someone to book
·Bright as a button
·Break even
·Break a leg
·Big time
·Bits and bobs
·Big bucks
·Break a leg
·Bite your tongue
·Box clever
·Bold as brass
·Bolt from the blue
·Can of worms
·Call a spade a spade
·Cash cow
·Change of heart
·Case in point
·Chalk and cheese
·Cast pearls before swine
·Case by case
·Child's play
·Catch someone red-handed
·Carry the can
·Call it a day
·Carrot and stick
·Calm before the storm
·Catch as catch can
·Chop and change
·Chew the fat
·Come of age
·Clear as mud
·Come hell or high water
·Come a cropper
·Color bar
·Close call
·Close at hand
·Climb on the bandwagon
·Cold fish
·Come rain or shine
·Come what may
·Come out of the woodwork
·Cook the books
·Cooking with gas
·Crack of dawn
·Crash a party
·Creature comforts
·Cut someone some slack
·Hale and hearty
·Hair of the dog
·Hand in hand
·Hairy at the heel
·Hand in glove
·Hammer and tongs
·Hard as nails
·Happy medium
·Hang in the balance
·Hang by a thread
·Hands down
·Hand to mouth
·Hard of hearing
·Hard cheese
·Hard sell
·Hard by
·Hat trick
·Haste makes waste
·Hard to come by
·Hard up
·Have a blast
·Have a bash
·Have a ball
·Hatchet job
·Have a crack
·Have a go
·Have a ripper
·Have a heart
·Have your cake and eat it too
·Have a trick up your sleeve
·Have no truck with
·Have the floor
·Have the guts
·Have your moments
·Having a gas
·Have your lunch handed to you
·He that travels far knows much
·He who hesitates is lost
·Head for the hills
·Head is in the clouds
·Head on the block
·Head nor tail
·Healthy as a horse
·Head over heels in love
·Head south
·Heads will roll
·Heap coals on someone's head
·Hear a pin drop
·Hear on the grapevine
·Heap coals on someone's head
·Heart in your mouth
·Hell for leather
·Heavenly bodies
·Heaven knows
·Heart of gold
·Heart isn't in it
·Heart in your boots
·Heart in the right place
·Heart misses a beat
·Hiding to nothing
·High and dry
·Herding cats
·Here today, gone tomorrow
·High and low
·High and mighty
·High as a kite
·High on the hog
·Hide nor hair
·Hit the books
·Highway robbery
·Himalayan blunder
·Hit and miss
·Hit rock bottom
·Hit rough weather
·Hit the sack
·Hit the road
·Hit the nail on the head
·Hit the ground running
·Hit the mark
·Hold water
·Hobson's choice
·Hold all the aces
·Hold the baby
·Hold the bag
·Hold the bag
·Hold the fort
·Hollow leg
·Hold your horses
·Hold your own
·Holy smoke!
·Home stretch
·Home sweet home
·Hope against hope
·Horse trading
·Home stretch
·Hot ticket
·Hot to trot
·Hot potato
·Hostile takeover
·Hot air
·Hot under the collar
·Hot button
·House of cards
·Hue and cry
·Hot water
·Hunky Dory
·Icing on the cake
·I may be daft, but I'm not stupid
·If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
·If the cap fits, wear it
·If it ain't broke, don't fix it
·If at first you don't succeed try try again
·I've got a bone to pick with you
·I'll eat my hat
·I should cocoa
·I'll cross that road when I come to it
·I've got your number
·If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas
·If you'll pardon my French
·If you lie down with the Devil, you will wake up in hell
·If you fly with the crows, you get shot with the crows
·If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
·If you are given lemons make lemonade
·If you will
·In a fog
·Ill at ease
·Ill-gotten gains
·In a cleft stick
·In a fix
·In a heartbeat
·In a jam
·In a jiffy
·In a nutshell
·In a pickle
·In a rut
·In a tick
·In a tight spot
·In a flash
·In apple-pie order
·In full swing
·In droves
·In dribs and drabs
·In donkey's years
·In dire straits
·In cold blood
·In broad daylight
·In an instant
·In all honesty
·In cahoots
·In stitches
·In perfect form
·In so many words
·In hot water
·In high spirits
·In high gear
·In light of
·In spades
·In the dock
·In tandem
·In the bag
·In the ballpark
·In the black
·In the cards
·In the catbird seat
·In the know
·In the clear
·In the club
·In the driver's seat
·In the face of
·In the family way
·In the flesh
·In the gravy
·In the hole
·In the hot seat
·In the lap of luxury
·In the long run
·In the doghouse
·In the making
·In the loop
·In the short run
·In the same boat
·In the saddle
·In the red
·In the offing
·In the pink
·In the pipeline
·Indian giver
·In the soup
·Indian summer
·In your face
·Ins and outs
·Ivory tower
·Jack Frost
·Indian giver
·In the swim
·In the zone
·Jet set
·Jekyll and Hyde
·Jam tomorrow
·Jam on your face
·Jobs for the boys
·Job's comforter
·Jockey for position
·Jog my memory
·Jump on the bandwagon
·Johnny on the spot
·John Doe
·John Hancock
·Just around the corner
·Jump to a conclusion
·Jump through hoops
·Jump the gun
·Just in the nick of time
·Just off the boat
·Just what the doctor ordered
·Just for the heck of it
·Just for the record
·Keen as mustard
·Keep in touch
·Keep at bay
·Kangaroo court
·Keep body and soul together
·Keep it under your hat
·Keep mum
·Keep someone at arm's length
·Keep the wolf from the door
·Keep up with the Joneses
·Keep your eye on the ball
·Keep your head
·Keep your fingers crossed
·Keep your eye on the ball
·Keep your eyes peeled
·Keep your head above water
·Keep your shirt on!
·Kettle of fish
·Keep your pants on
·Kick up your heels
·Kick away the ladder
·Kick in the teeth
·Kick the bucket
·King of the castle
·Kindred spirit
·Kid gloves
·Kicked to touch
·Kiss of death
·Kiss and tell
·Knee-jerk reaction
·Kith and kin
·Kissing cousin
·Know which way the wind blows
·Know your place
·Know the ropes
·Knock on wood
·Labor of love
·Lame duck
·Labour of love
·Land of nod
·Last straw
·Landslide victory
·Lap dog
·Larger than life
·Last hurrah
·Lay down the law
·Laughing stock
·Laughter is the best medicine
·Leave no stone unturned
·Lead someone up the garden path
·Lean and mean
·Learn the ropes
·Left in the dark
·Leave well alone
·Left-handed compliment
·Let sleeping dogs lie
·Let alone
·Let bygones be bygones
·Let your guard down
·Let the devil take the hindmost
·Lend an ear
·Lie like a rug
·Let's call it a day
·Lie low
·Life and limb
·Life and limb
·Letter of the law
·Level playing field
·Light on your feet
·Like a beached whale
·Light years ahead
·Light bulb moment
·Light bulb moment
·Light at the end of the tunnel
·Life is just a bowl of cherries
·Lightning rod
·Like a duck to water
·Like taking candy from a baby
·Like it or lump it
·Like father, like son
·Like clockwork
·Like a fish out of water
·Like a kid in a candy store
·Like wildfire
·Like white on rice
·Like there's no tomorrow
·Like the clappers
·Lion's share
·Lines of communication
·Lo and behold
·Live wire
·Live high off the hog
·Little pitchers have big ears
·Little strokes fell great oaks
·Lip service
·Lone wolf
·Lock the stable door after the horse has bolted
·Long shot
·Long time no hear
·Long face
·Long in the tooth
·Long time no see
·Look before you leap
·Look on the bright side
·Loan shark
·Lock horns
·Lock horns
·Lose face
·Loose lips sink ships
·Low-hanging fruit
·Lose face
·Love is blind
·Love me, love my dog
·Look out for number one
·Loose cannon
·Luck of the draw
·Lower the bar
·Lower than a snake's belly
·Mailed fist
·Mad as a March hare
·Mad as a wet hen
·Mad as a hornet
·Made of money
·Made in the shade
·Make a monkey of someone
·Make a killing
·Major league
·Make a pig's ear
·Make a request
·Make a mountain out of a molehill
·Make a virtue out of necessity
·Make headway
·Make a song and dance
·Make hay
·Make ends meet
·Make out like a bandit
·Make or break
·Make my day
·Make money hand over fist
·Make no bones about it
·Man in the street
·Make your hair stand on end
·Man Friday
·Make waves
·Make yourself scarce
·Man Of God
·Man of his word
·Man of letters
·Man of means
·Man of parts
·Man of straw
·Man proposes, God disposes
·Many happy returns
·Many hands make light work
·Man's man
·Man's best friend
·Man of the cloth
·Man's best friend
·Many moons ago
·Mark my words
·Mark someone's card
·Marked man
·Matter of life and death
·Meet your expectations
·Meet your match
·Meat and drink
·Meat and potatoes
·Meet someone halfway
·Melt your heart
·Melting pot
·Memory like a sieve
·Mend fences
·Mess with a bull, you get the horns
·Mickey Mouse
·Middle of nowhere
·Mile a minute
·Might and main
·Midas touch
·Millstone round your neck
·Mind the gap
·Mint condition
·Mind over matter
·Mince words
·Mom and pop
·Miss the boat
·Misery guts
·Monday morning quarterback
·Money for old rope
·Monkey business
·Money laundering
·Money to burn
·Money for jam
·Monkey see, monkey do
·Moral high ground
·Moot point
·Move mountains
·Move mountains
·Move heaven and earth
·More than one way to skin a cat
·More than meets the eye
·More holes than Swiss cheese
·Move the goalposts
·Move heaven and earth
·Move the goalposts
·Mover and shaker
·Much ado about nothing
·Move mountains
·Mud in your eye
·Much of a muchness
·Muddy the waters
·Mum's the word
·Murder will out
·Mutton dressed as lamb
·My foot!
·My way or the highway
·Needle in a haystack
·Need no introduction
·Neck of the woods
·Neck and neck
·Nature of the beast
·Nerves of steel
·Neither fish nor fowl
·Neither here nor there
·Never a rose without the prick
·New blood
·Nest egg
·Nervous Nellie
·New kid on the block
·No bed of roses
·Nip it in the bud
·Nip and tuck
·Night owl
·Nice as pie
·New York minute
·New brush sweeps clean
·New lease of life
·No can do
·New man
·No pain, no gain
·No great shakes
·No holds barred
·No go
·No good deed goes unpunished
·No ifs or buts
·No love lost
·No laughing matter
·No harm, no foul
·No dice
·Noddy work
·No two ways about it
·No time to lose
·No time like the present
·No strings attached
·No spring chicken
·No smoke without fire
·No skin off my nose
·Nod's as good as a wink
·No question
·No questions asked
·Nose in the air
·Nosy parker
·Not all there
·Not cricket
·Not bat an eye
·Not born yesterday
·Not have the heart
·Not have two pennies to rub together
·Not know beans about
·Not hurt a fly
·Not know beans about
·Not the only pebble on the beach
·Not my cup of tea
·Not much cop
·Not worth a red cent
·Nothing ventured, nothing gained
·Nothing to crow about
·Not to be sneezed at
·Nothing to write home about
·Nuts and bolts
·Nutty as a fruitcake
·Number cruncher
·Odds and ends
·Off the beaten track
·Object lesson
·Off colour
·Off the cuff
·Off the hook
·Off the mark
·Off the rails
·Off the record
·Oh, my goodness!
·Off the track
·Old flames die hard
·On a roll
·On all fours
·On pins and needles
·On good terms
·On the carpet
·On the ball
·On the hoof
·On the line
·On the money
·On the right foot
·On the ropes
·On the same wavelength
·On the up and up
·On the take
·On the wagon
·On your toes
·Once in a blue moon
·One for the road
·One good turn deserves another
·Open book
·Opportunity knocks but once
·Out in the sticks
·Out of pocket
·Out to lunch
·Out of sight, out of mind
·Out on a limb
·Over my dead body
·Over the hill
·Over the moon
·Over the top
·Packed like sardines
·Paddle your own canoe
·Pain in the neck
·Pandora's box
·Paint the town red
·Pay the piper
·Pass the time of day
·Pass the buck
·Pass muster
·People person
·Peanut gallery
·Pen is mightier than the sword
·Pie in the sky
·Piece of cake
·Pet peeve
·Perfidious Albion
·Pipe dream
·Pigs might fly
·Plain as a pikestaff
·Plain Jane
·Plain sailing
·Play by ear
·Play hard to get
·Play fast and loose
·Pleased as punch
·Play with fire
·Poker face
·Play hardball
·Play it by ear
·Polish the apples
·Pour oil on troubled waters
·Poor as a church mouse
·Press the flesh
·Prim and proper
·Pressed for time
·Pull out all the stops
·Prodigal son
·Proud as a peacock
·Pull out of the fire
·Push the envelope
·Put a sock in it
·Put someone on a pedestal
·Put two and two together
·Put up or shut up
·Put your best foot forward
·Put your hand on your heart
·Put yourself in someone's shoes
·Pyrrhic victory
·Queer fish
·Quick as a flash
·Quick fix
·Quick on the trigger
·Rags to riches
·Rainy day
·Raise Cain
·Raise eyebrows
·Rat race
·Raw deal
·Read between the lines
·Recipe for disaster
·Reduce to ashes
·Red letter day
·Renaissance man
·Reinvent the wheel
·Ride high
·Ride for a fall
·Rich as Croesus
·Right as rain
·Ring a bell
·Rise and shine
·Rise from the ashes
·Reinvent the wheel
·Roll with the punches
·Rooted to the spot
·Round the bend
·Rule of thumb
·Run a mile
·Run amok
·Run around the bush
·Run circles around someone
·Run into the sand
·Run out of gas
·Run rings around someone
·Run the gauntlet
·Safe and sound
·Sail close to the wind
·Sail under false colours
·Salad days
·Saving grace
·Save face
·Save someone's bacon
·Screw loose
·Scream blue murder
·Saying is one thing; doing is another
·Say when
·Sea change
·Seamy side
·Second thoughts
·See eye to eye
·See red
·See the elephant
·See the light
·Sell like hot cakes
·Send someone packing
·Set the Thames on fire
·Shaggy dog story
·Set in stone
·Shape up or ship out
·Shipshape and Bristol fashion
·Shoot down in flames
·Shoot from the hip
·Show me the money
·Sick and tired
·Sick as a dog
·Sight for sore eyes
·Silence is golden
·Sink or swim
·Sit on the fence
·Since time immemorial
·Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other
·Skate on thin ice
·Skeleton in the closet
·Skin and bones
·Sky is the limit
·Slip of the tongue
·Slow and steady wins the race
·Small beer
·Small fry
·Smoke and mirrors
·Smooth sailing
·So on and so forth
·Some other time
·Something nasty in the woodshed
·Sound as a bell
·Speak of the devil!
·Speak with a forked tongue
·Spice of life
·Spill the beans
·Spit it out
·Spitting image
·Split hairs
·Start from scratch
·Spot on
·Square the circle
·Stir the blood
·Still waters run deep
·State of the art
·Storm in a teacup
·Straight face
·Straight from the shoulder
·Strain every nerve
·Stubborn as a mule
·Swear like a trooper
·Swim against the tide
·Swing the lead
·Take it on the chin
·Take a hike
·Take for granted
·Take someone down a peg
·Take someone for a ride
·Take someone to task
·Take the biscuit
·Take the fall
·Take the Mickey
·Take the plunge
·Take your breath away
·Talk a blue streak
·Talk nineteen to the dozen
·Talk shop
·Talk turkey
·Taste blood
·Tempest in a teapot
·That makes two of us
·The penny dropped
·The rough and tumble
·The whole shooting match
·The world and his wife
·There's no such thing as a free lunch
·Thick as thieves
·Three sheets in the wind
·Through thick and thin
·Throw a sickie
·Time and again
·Throw someone to the wolves
·Till the cows come home
·Time flies
·Tip of the iceberg
·Tit for tat
·To all intents and purposes
·To err is human, to forgive divine
·To the end of time
·Too many cooks spoil the broth
·Too many irons in the fire
·Touch and go
·Tough luck
·Tough nut to crack
·Tug at the heartstrings
·Turn a blind eye
·Turn a deaf ear
·Two heads are better than one
·Two cents
·Under lock and key
·Under the table
·Under the weather
·Under the wire
·Up the duff
·Upset the apple cart
·Up the creek
·Up a gum tree
·Vicious circle
·Velvet glove
·Wake up and smell the coffee
·When pigs fly
·When hell freezes over
·What goes around comes around
·Wet behind the ears
·Weather a storm
·Water under the bridge
·Water over the dam
·Warts and all
·Walk on eggshells
·Walking encyclopedia
·White as a sheet
·Wide berth
·Wide of the mark
·Whistling in the dark
·Which came first the chicken or the egg?
·Whole ball of wax
·White lie
·Wild goose chase
·Window dressing
·With flying colours (colors)
·Wither on the vine
·Without a hitch
·Wolf in sheep's clothing
·Words fail me
·Work like a dog
·Writing on the wall
·X factor
·X marks the spot
·Yeoman's service
·You are what you eat
·You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family
·You can say that again
·You can't have your cake and eat it
·You reap what you sow
·You said it!
·Your sins will find you out
·Yellow streak
·Zip it
·Zero hour
·Zero tolerance

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